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You will never love for it...until you know them well...
Tak kenal maka tak cinta...

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Apa? Ape? Why?



until now..i'm feel very blur how to update my blog...actually it's doesn't mean that i don't know how to post the reply...but i'm really don't know what to talk abaout..really weird, right?

Arh...i'm always looking for others blog...and want to have a blog too..

blog..blog..many of my friends have their own blog.

i don't why...i try, i try..but i don't know...

maybe this year i'm really busy with my own schedule..this year i will sit for SPM!

Ok...but, besides that, my sis n bro encourage me to write the post about what you want to talk about. When you think taht you're free.

This year...i must concentrate with my studies! So taht, this year, maybe this blog is not oo well-known to others..

But, for this time, let me write the post in blog for my satisfation only..kepuasan diri kan...

Yes, i'm really want to be the best with i want to do..i will try harder to achieve my goal..

But, one things now idon't know how to decorate this blog...and it's doesn't make me really want to open my own blog...haha....give me some times..

Yes! cili padi! you have to...you can do it! you know?

~what the mind believe, the body can achieve, right? i want to focus to my own GOAL! INSYAALLAH....


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