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Tuesday, December 23, 2008

A NoTE For BiOloGy SPM Part 1


Biology paper 3 comprises one structured question question and one essay question. Question 1 (structured question) assesses student’s ability in eleven aspects of the Science Process Skills

i. e.observation , inference, predicting, communicating, controlling variables, formulating hypotesis , measuring and using numbers, interpretation, space-time relationship, classifying and defining operationally. Ques 2 is an essay question which test the student’s ability in designing a specific exprment/ investigation suggested in the Biology Curriculum for SPM Examination.

Aspect 1: Observation

Noting the properties of objects and situations using the 5 sense.

o Seeing i.e what you can see in the results of the experiment

o Hearing

o Touching €

o Smellling €

o Tasting €

o € these 4 senses cannot be assessed in Paper 3. They are assessed in school-based assessment (PEKA Biology)

Aspect 2: Measuring and Using Numbers

Measuring correctly and expressing the amount of an object in quantitative

terms, or comparing an object to a standard, for example:

o Length in meters (m) and volume in liters (dm/3)

o Mass in grams (g)

o Temperature in degrees Celcius

Aspect 3 : Making Inference

Formulating assumptions or giving a possible explanation for a particular object or events based upon observations.

Aspect 4: Comunicatting

The process of describing , recording, and reporting experimental

Procedures and results to others , may be trough:

o (Oral), written or mathematical expression

o Organizes ideas using appropriate vocabulary, groups, charts, others visual representations and mathematical equations

Until here. This is the good tips that I referred from Dewan Siswa. I have another Aspects 5 to 11. I will tell in the next post. With many article like this we can share many articles and notes that really close to the world of students…To all of you all there…if you have any informations, tips and notes all about our KBSM syllabus and ohers knowledge, you can send it and share with all readers and for this blogs!

Ukhwah Fillah!

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