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Monday, February 08, 2010

As a blogger..

ASsOlatu WasSalam

I have going through this article for many times. To gives myself a big motivation to keep blogging. I got this in DailyBlogTips. And now, i'm realize that i should be moderate in blogging. I'll try my best to keep posting a good article. Well, this is the new Blogger coming!

It’s a bandwagon that took off with startling speed, one that all and sundry wanted to get on. Most did get on the blogging train, but there were very few who tasted the kind of financial success that they dreamed of. Others fell by the wayside while the determined still plough on, making what little money they can and yet sticking to the path because they are passionate about what they do.
There’s no doubt that blogs are here to stay, but if you are thinking of hitching a ride only now, you need to be aware of a few ground rules. So, before you start your blog, it’s best to:
1. Be realistic: Yes, there are many people who blog for a living; they don’t have regular jobs, and they make all the money doing what comes best to them, writing for an audience and making money off it. But, you must be realistic when you start to write and know that you cannot expect such stupendous success, at least not for a few years. If you’re hoping to make huge amounts of money right from the word go, then you’re in for disappointment.
2. Don’t quit your regular job: Because blogs make money randomly or not at all, especially when they’re new, it’s not wise to quit your regular job and sit at home in front of your computer hoping to strike the mother lode instantly. Instead, set aside some time every day to work on your blog and popularize it.
3. Enjoy what you do: Only if you truly enjoy blogging will you be able to stick to it and make it work. If you’re in it just to make money, you’re not going to be able to keep your enthusiasm going when you don’t see the dollars pouring in like you’d envisioned. So write on something you’re passionate about, something that you can sustain on a daily basis over a long term period.
4. Focus on a niche: Blogs that focus on a niche tend to do better than those that just prattle on about any random topic under the sun or those that are more personal in nature. So choose a niche that you enjoy and one which you can portray creatively so that other people will be interested in reading what you have to say.
5. Know that patience pays: One thing you must remember when beginning a blog is that you must be patient in order to see even a modicum of success. It takes a long time to popularize a blog, and even when that happens, it may be some more time before you start to see monetary results. You must focus on quality rather than trickery to market your blog, because that’s what will sustain it in the long run

cilipadi: Blogging is the best activity for our time. Yet, i know blogging is like someone's life, but, i'll not be unsocialised people with my surrounding...just enjoy your life..

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