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You will never love for it...until you know them well...
Tak kenal maka tak cinta...

Saturday, January 29, 2011


speaking please..hihi..
salam..i would to join bro Ben Ashaari bloglist..
here's something  i've done..

  1. Letakkan header BEN ASHAARI BLOG

  2. Tajuk : BEN ASHAARI BLOG dan linkkan ke entri ini ..
    done. click the banner..
  3. Sila nyatakan berapa kalikah anda update sehari dan jumlah entri anda sehingga kini ..
     i will update this blog for one time if i'm busy in school..
    but, if there's a time during weekend, i'll update about 3-4 a day..
    now, i have about 221 post..
    and i plan...i' ll update more than 1 a day.. hope..;)
  4. Kenapa anda berminat nak berada dalam blog list BEN ASHAARI ..
     because in Ben Ashaari blog, there are many bloggers there..then, by join his bloglist, i can have many friends and readers from many place that visits his blog...

  5. Apakah perkara yang ingin anda lakukan sekiranya blog anda popular ?
    i would like to post entry everyday...but, if not..i'm still post my entry as many as i want..what important, to improve my writing and entry ;)

    p/s: demam MUET..hihi..

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