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Thursday, March 31, 2011

MUET-. Speak out your expression!

hari ni tamat sudah Peperiksaan Penilaian Mac ni. 
sungguh memenatkan. 
ok. aye takmo fikir sangat pasal Pengajian Perniagaan. hihi.
sesuatu yang rasa macam nak buat balik satu soalan tu!

sambung topik atas tu.
berbicara dengan lidah yang hampir terkelu.
atau bahasa inggerisnya
speechless in speaking.

Tahun ni penuh dengan cabaran. 
rata-rata sesuatu yang kita tak biasa..
memang membuatkan kita janggal.
ye. Practice makes perfect.
inilah speaking.

6. 4. 2011 (ada lagi 6 hari 12 jam bermula sekarang)
Speaking test.

demi nak mengurangkan nervous yang tak boleh dipisahkan daripada diri ni, aye nak kongsi tips speaking untuk MUET.

enjoy it.

It is stated in the format that each group is given 30 minutes to discuss on the question.

Let's say, I am given the second factor (Candidate B).

So, these are my questions.

1) In the first round of the discussion, is it compulsory to restate my own stand (second factor) eventhough I am repeating the same points that was mentioned in Task A without comparing with the pros and cons of other factors?

2) Throughout the discussion, should I give reasons to ALL three factors which I disagreed to strenghthen my point/stand?

2) What is the best way or line to start with in order to oppose other candidate's opinions? eg. Excuse me Candidate A, I disagree .......

3) Could anyone suggests me any tips or strategy to excel in this task? 

 [STPM] Muet Speaking Task B Help

Answers, according to what I've learned from my teachers:

1. Not at all. You can start as if you have not heard or said anything 
in the Task A (Individual Presentation). However, it's nice to say stuff like 
"As candidate A said just now..." to show that you've been listening to others.

2. Not necessary at all. I usually support one point because a 
"build-up" is much more interesting for a discussion.

3. I hardly use "I disagree", I usually use things like, "You may have a point there, 
but..." or "That's true, however...". 
Keeps the person from returning with an attack (riposte~!), and proves 
you facilitate civil and orderly discussion.

4. If you have the ability to think fast and logically, try and search for a 
point in Task B that can "absorb" all the other's points. I usually do this so that
I can use all their points and provide much of my own. I do this even if it means 
throwing my Task A away.

However, having done years of public speaking, I am quite comfortable with that. 
You may want to go with your Task A 
points because they are already in your head (or paper).

Remember, the aim of language is to COMMUNICATE. COMMUNICATION 
means that you keep a good, nice discussion (no all-out attacks!) and be pleasant, 
and no complex or formal English is needed.



Shukri Mohd Ali said...

you can do it ^^ best of luck, may Allah bless ^^

Nur Amalina said...

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Nur Amalina said...

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